About Us

Fox Valley Racing was created by a group of NASCAR fans from Wisconsin 1993. We offer a fee-based fantasy racing league to all U.S. residents 18 years or older.

Fox Valley Racing is easy to play. Each week you pick any drivers you want, sit back and enjoy the race! There is no drafting of drivers, no driver groups and no salary caps!


To create and manage the best and most affordable fantasy racing games and services in the industry through professionalism, accuracy, timeliness, integrity, and outstanding customer service.


To provide an atmosphere for the fantasy racing fan to become more intimately involved in NASCAR racing on a week to week basis. We do this by making it fun, simple, providing quality, accurate service and by treating each and every one of our members as a person not a number.

Why should you join our contest?

Easy to Play

Enjoy our league without worrying about drafting drivers, salary caps, driver groups or the boredom of being stuck with the same drivers the entire season. Choose ANY drivers you want each week!

No B.S.

Tired of playing against hundreds of other players with the unrealistic claim to win thousands of dollars? Our league shows the GUARANTEED payout table before you join!

Sensible Entry Fees

Our entry fee is around $50 for the entire racing season. That is up to half of what other comparable leagues are charging for the same service!

No Change Fees

No extra fees for changing driver lineups and you can make unlimited changes! Some sites make you pay additional fees for driver changes…we don’t!


Our league has been around since 1993. So you can bet your bottom dollar this is an established league. Once you see how we run things, you’ll be back year after year…just ask our returning players!


We give back the largest percentage of entry fees taken in. If you do the math, you’ll find that we allocate more of your hard earned money for use as prizes than anyone else!